WiseCase is an internet solution for standardization and education in classifying manually encircled objects in image sets.

WiseCase solutions make use of a patented method to statistically analyze and visually show intra-observer and inter-observer variabilities and disagreements between people who have used the same user-defined classification taxonomy when they classified the same classification objects.

Experts in standardization conferences are on-line networking to embed their mutually agreed expertise into WiseCase knowledge containers.

By using WiseCase knowledge content management tools experts build image libraries, they edit user-defined classification taxonomies, they define classification objects, and they labelize classification objects.

By using embedded classification expertise teachers and course administrators are then online using WiseCase tools to elaborate and manage courses in object classification that participants can improve and certify their classification skills.

WiseCase is needed within such classification fields as cancer histopathology, autoimmunity, odontology, dermatology, cell biology, botany, zoology, etc. where classifiers are required to correctly assign names to their corresponding objects.

Globalization of classification skills e.g. in health care by use of WiseCase is of utmost importance for beneficiarees like cancer patients, who are dependent on accurate and early diagnosis made by certified classifiers.